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It's still magic, even if you know how it's done

#1 Mobile
Charging Solution

BatteryXchange enhances our users charging experience by providing a slim portable battery in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Our mobile application allows for quick access to our batteries and our easy rental process is simple so that  you can enjoy your day and night, wherever you are!  Our portable batteries are compatible with all Android and iOS phones and can increase your battery life from 10% to 75% in less than 30 minutes!

Live Life Charged!

Don’t let a dead phone stop you from enjoying your sunny day out. Batteryxchange is here to keep you charged up! 

How We Differ

With our platform, users are no longer tied down to an outlet or a wall socket. People are able to walk, recharge, & enjoy.

Desmond Wiggan, MBA

Co-Founder & Chief executive officer

Aubrey Yeboah, MBA

Co-Founder & Chief marketing officer

#LiveLifeCharged Initiative

We’re a minority-owned tech company that believes in not only empowering our users but the communities as well. Our goal is to supply our customers with the power they need to go after their dreams while educating the youth along the way.

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Technology and innovation meet to keep you charged!